About Us

Bernadette Mitchell

Hello, my name is Bernadette Mitchell.

I’m the main contributor, and you could say owner, of this website Aviation Down Under.

Basically, I created this site because I love blogging and just want to create my name online. I am aware that aviation is for planes. That is actually one of the reason why I chose that name. For me, driving a plane is somewhat hard, if you are not a pilot of course, but at the same time, it is very self fulfilling. It is one of those high risk high reward moment. So, this website is just like that, I know that this will not be easy but I know that it will be fulfilling in the end. After all, blogging is a hobby that anyone could love.

Since riding a plane is a great experience, I will always be amazed with all of the plane rides I’ll experience in my life, I decided to focus on the best ride that you can get on land. And of course, that is the limousine. I think riding a limousine could be as good as riding an airplane. I know that some will argue that it is not, it is too far from airplane experience but I think it is the best that we can get on land, so I will have to settle. That is the main reason that this website is called Aviation Down Under.

I do not plan on doing all of this alone though, so if you want to collaborate with me, or maybe you want to submit a guest content and as an exchange I’ll feature your website, please head to our contact page so that I could send you a message personally.

Thank you!