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Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Limo Hire Company

There are many reasons why you may choose to use a limo hire company, whether it’s a corporate event, wedding, prom night, touring a new city, or for a special date. Whatever the reason, you want to make sure that you are getting the best customer service for the best possible deal. Before you commit to hiring a limousine company, there are a few things you should know.

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What Does the Cost Include?

When comparing limousine companies, you’ll want to find out how much each company charges and what is included in each package. Many companies will charge you for fuel, gratuity, or administration costs. However, you’ll want to know about this ahead of time so you’re not surprised when you receive the bill. Make sure that your bill includes everything so you can review the total upfront.

View Your Options in Person

white dodge nitro limousineYour best bet for ensuring that you’re choosing a limousine in top-notch condition is to visit the company’s physical location and view the options that they have. Ask questions about liability insurance, certification and training, and whether or not they are approved by the department of transportation. You may also want to view their proof of insurance.

Look for Referrals

Any company can promote themselves, but an actual referral is what really matters. Even if the company is new, they should have some type of review online. Check the company’s social media pages, Yelp, Google Businesses, or Angie’s List reviews. Check with your friends and family members to see which limo services they have used in the past, and if there’s a company that they would recommend.

If you become drawn to a company that you find online, who has little to no reviews, ask if they have any references you can check out. Maybe they’re a new company and don’t have much of an online presence yet. If that’s the case, make sure to leave them a review if you do business with them!

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What Are Your Rights?

Be sure to get everything recorded in writing so that everything is spelt out in great detail. If the limousine is being rented for a special occasion like a wedding or prom event, more details will go into the planning than simply telling the limo driver when and where to pick you up. To avoid any issues, request a written contract.

In addition, you will want to know ahead of time that you have the right to cancel if needed. If you aren’t 100% sure on the logistics of your event, or if the event has the potential to be cancelled, your best bet is to go with a company that will allow you to cancel. If you go with a limo hire company that doesn’t allow cancellations, you risk losing your full deposit.

As long as you do research ahead of time, you will be able to enjoy the full benefits of your limousine experience!

Different Limousines


When living the life of luxury, a businessman should be able to sit back and relax while he answers his calls to his real estate broker waiting for an offer for a commercial property for his third apartment complex. An A-list celebrity should not be driving her car, but should be waiting for her BFF’s next Instagram selfie with her cat. After a long day’s work, a mayor’s daughter should be able to take a long nap during the long journey to home.

Limousines are luxury sedans and usually should have their own personal chauffeurs. Often coming in longer lengths than average day vehicles, these cars are lengthy to create a more appealing and relaxing backseat than servicing the driver. These land vehicles are usually associated with wealth and power for being the most expensive land transportation tool existing. Many limousines however are used for the transport of senior politicians, or for company executives and guests.Limo

Stretch limousines are the most common of the limousines. Commonly rented and used by the older people, these limousines are mostly the ones that first come to mind when talking about limousines. Stretch limousines are less popular on the younger generations, but it is the most rented and the most popular of all the limousines.

The cheapest of the limousines are the Sedan limousines. Airport travel and business trips usually call for these limousines as these are easily accessible. These limousines could be a good alternative to taxi cabs without getting much attention from the public. A casual limousine like the Sedan limo could prove to be a good option for when not trying to make a hard impression.

The Hummer limousine will never let you down when it comes to space and elegance. Almost any limousine rental company offers Hummer limousine rentals as it is fairly flexible to the number of passengers that could fit in it while offering entirely unique and pleasant designs. Ideally made for small parties, this limousine could make for a fancy transportation choice without worrying of how it looks.Limo1

If you ever need to transport a really large group of people, or just want to party while enjoying the view around the city, you could opt for the Limousine bus. The Limo bus easily accommodates a large group of party-goers by offering luxurious entertainment during the travel. Limo buses usually offer liquor, dancing poles, and a restroom. Limo buses are somewhat rare, so it would be best to check for limo buses from a limo bus company.

Many other limousines exist that could be better options depending on the event. Limousines are made for relaxations during travels and special occasions and since they are made for enjoying luxury they usually come with expensive rentals. There are also some limousines like the Sedan Limousines that would not hurt your pocket so much, but would still give you quality travel. Find the limousine that suits your needs and enjoy your travels around the city streets as you gaze around the beautiful city lights!